Fluid Power Research Update: Controlled Stirling Power Unit Webcast

CCEFP Webcast

We’ve written before about the fluid power research projects coming out of the Center for Compact and Efficient Fluid Power (CCEFP). Ten new research projects have recently been selected for funding. One such project is the Controlled Stirling Power Unit project, which was presented by Seth Thomas on the September 27 CCEFP Webcast.

View the full webcast below:

Project Summary: The project has been addressing limitations in the current options for power supplied to mobile robots and exoskeletons through the development of a quieter, more energy-dense, compact, and portable fluid power supply using a stirling device. Such advancements would enable the use of fluid power technology in a variety of military, medical, manufacturing, and construction applications. The stirling device can use a number of highly energy-dense, flexible fuel or available heat sources to create hydraulic or pneumatic fluid power in an easily scalable design.

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