Fluid Power Lab Grants Making an Impact—A Student Testimonial

In 2015, Eastern Iowa Community College in Davenport, Iowa received a $23,000 Fluid Power Lab Grant from the NFPA Education and Technology Foundation. The school used the funds to purchase an electrohydraulic option from Hampden for existing equipment, along with the associated operating, experiment, and teachers manual, as well as simulation software called Automation Studios. Here’s what Marilena Silva, one of the students enrolled in the Fluid Power Fundamentals course, has to say . . .

Why did you choose to learn about fluid power?
“It is a subject that I did not know much about before I started my studies in the Engineering Technology major. I feel lucky that fluid power is part of the curriculum because it provides me with an understanding about how some equipment and machinery work and it gives me an edge over some potential candidates for employment in the future.”

What do you like about working in the fluid power lab at Eastern Iowa Community College?
“I like the fact that it is very hands-on. All the projects are conducted as if we were in a real job with equipment that is just as good or better than what we would find in the real world, and the instructors are there to guide us and assist us whenever we need it.”

What are your career aspirations? What type of fluid power job do you hope to get after you graduate?
“My immediate career aspirations after graduation are to find a job in the manufacturing industry since there are several local companies that often look for candidates with a background in fluid power. A job at John Deere, Alcoa or a similar company would be ideal for me to start my career and acquire experience.”

For further information on the Fluid Power Lab Grant Program, or how to connect with a technical school in your area, contact Carrie Tatman Schwartz at ctschwartz@nfpa.com or (414) 778-3347.

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