Fluid Power ISO Standards – Recently Published

fluid power standardization

Standardization development continues in the field of fluid power systems and components. TC 131, the technical committee directly responsible for fluid power, has 224 published ISO standards to date. There are 49 standards currently under development. The following ISO standards were published in the past six months:

Subcommittee 4 – Connectors (couplings)

ISO 6162-2:2018
Hydraulic fluid power — Flange connections with split or one-piece flange clamps and metric or inch screws — Part 2: Flange connectors, ports and mounting surfaces for use at a pressure of 42 MPa (420 bar), DN 13 to DN 76

ISO/TS 11686:2017
Connectors for fluid power and general use — Assembly instructions for connectors with adjustable stud ends and O-ring sealing

Subcommittee 5 – Control products (valves)

ISO 5782-1:2017
Pneumatic fluid power — Compressed air filters — Part 1: Main characteristics to be included in supplier’s literature and product-marking requirements

Subcommittee 6 – Contamination control (filters)

ISO 18237:2017
Hydraulic fluid power — Method for evaluating water separation performance of dehydrators

ISO 12669:2017
Guidelines for determining the required cleanliness level (RCL) of a system.

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