More Fluid Power ISO Standards Published in April

fluid power standardization

Standardization development continues in the field of fluid power systems and components. TC 131 – the technical committee directly responsible for fluid power has 224 published ISO standards to date. There are 49 standards currently under development. The following ISO standards were published this past month:

Subcommittee 3 – Cylinders
ISO 15552:2018
Pneumatic fluid power — Cylinders with detachable mountings, 1 000 kPa (10 bar) series, bores from 32 mm to 320 mm — Basic, mounting and accessories dimensions

Subcommittee 4 – Connectors (couplings)
ISO/TS 17165-2:2018
Hydraulic fluid power — Hose assemblies — Part 2: Practices for hydraulic hose assemblies

Subcommittee 6 – Contamination control (filters)
ISO 4406:2017
Hydraulic fluid power — Fluids — Method for coding the level of contamination by solid particles

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