Fluid Power Experts on Contamination Control Convene in China

SC6 meetings in China

The TC 131 Subcommittee 6 – Contamination Control met in Xinxiang, China this past week to further work on fluid power standards development in that area. Participating countries included China, Japan, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, and the United States. NFPA would like to thank the CFPC for hosting the meetings.

A few notable projects include:

ISO 11171, Calibration of automatic particle counters for liquids: Editorial comments from the US and UK were discussed. Material analysis of samples is ongoing and a round robin is expected to begin soon.

ISO 11943, Hydraulic Fluid Power – On-line automatic particle counting systems for liquids – Methods of calibration and validation was published in May 2018.

ISO 11500,  Hydraulic fluid power – Determination of the particulate contamination level of a liquid sample by automatic particle counting using the light-extinction principle: The status of this document was discussed and the group agreed to propose revisions to the document.

ISO 23369, Filter multi-pass test under cyclic flow conditions: A round robin is ongoing with this project and is expected to conclude in spring 2019. Three out of seven confirmed participating labs have already submitted their results.

Ongoing work for these and other subcommittee projects is expected to be ready for discussion at the October 2019 meetings in Milan, Italy.

If you would like to join one of the subcommittees and/or to learn more about the development of fluid power ISO standards, contact Denise Husenica at (414) 778-3354 or email dhusenica@nfpa.com.