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Stats Fact of the Week

Stats Fact of the Week: Week of May 6, 2019

NFPA and Oxford Economics have partnered for some time now to supply NFPA members with the latest global economic trends and forecasts through a variety of different reports available on NFPA’s Market Information website. This collection of monthly and quarterly reports is an exclusive benefit of NFPA membership that investigates and analyzes every angle of our global marketplace.

Five types of reports are available:

  • Global Fluid Power Report and Forecast | A customized quarterly report for everyone in the fluid power supply chain, this report includes a global macro summary, by-country market forecasts and analysis, and a by-country fluid power forecast.
  • Global Industry Forecasts | These quarterly reports examine thirteen key customer markets and include market analysis and forecasts for 68 countries.
  • Global Industry Briefings | These are monthly reports that examine twelve customer markets and include the latest developments in key world economies as well as month-to-month output numbers and forecasts.
  • By-Country Briefings and Forecasts | These quarterly country-specific reports examine 68 individual countries and include a global macro summary, detailed data and analysis of customer markets, and customer market forecasts for each.
  • World Economic Prospects Reports | These monthly reports examine the economic situation and prospects for a variety of countries with at-a-glance charts, long-term forecasts, and data about each country’s place in the industry.

Oxford Economics also produces special reports that offer additional analysis and opinions surrounding global economic events that could possibly reshape global trends and projections.  NFPA members get exclusive access to these reports.

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Questions? Contact Eric Armstrong at earmstrong@nfpa.com or (414) 778-3372.