Anticipate Change with NFPA’s Leading Indicator Consultative Service

Leading Indicator Consultative Service

Leading indicators are key pieces of information in any company’s strategic planning process. A reliable leading indicator helps you anticipate changes in the industry before they actually occur, giving you the competitive advantage. Identifying dependable leading indicators can be a complicated process that requires a great deal of time and resources, but NFPA can help you simplify this process with its NEW Leading Indicator Consultative Service.

This data analysis support service is an exclusive benefit of NFPA membership and is performed using our Stats Toolkit, a cloud-based platform designed to compare your unique company data to a variety of possible leading indicators to discover relationships both inside and outside the fluid power industry. The service alleviates the time and resource constraints related to data correlation analysis at a minimal cost.


When you take advantage of this service, NFPA staff will create a service project schedule that meets your company’s timing and information needs during an introductory webinar discussion. From there, we will follow this general timeline:

Consultative Service FlowWith NFPA’s Leading Indicator Consultative Service, NFPA will confidentially work with your unique company data and input to:

  • Create a report of results based upon the data correlation analysis.
  • Provide a walkthrough and discussion, via webinar, of the data correlation analysis results.

Interested NFPA members should expect each data series examined to take an average of two hours at a fee of $100/hr. A service project cost estimate is available upon request.

To request more information, or to get started with this program, contact Eric Armstrong at (414) 778-3372 or