Action Challenge Grants Make an Impact in Middle School Classrooms

The NFPA Education and Technology Foundation awards grants of up to $500 per year to middle and high schools to help facilitate hydraulic and pneumatic instruction that introduces students to fluid power technology and career options. One teacher used grant funds to present to fifteen middle school teachers at the 2018 Institute for Career and Technology Educators in Tennessee about how to get the necessary resources to implement a complete fluid power unit in a middle school classroom.

“For the discussion/presentation portion, I shared a segment of the YOUR Career in Fluid Power and Fluid Power: A Force for Change videos with participants. We looked at lesson plans, activity suggestions, and other resources.” This was followed by a kit build with the teachers so that they could try it firsthand. “Some participants completely assembled their kits and some “dry fit” their kits (they wanted to take their unassembled kit back to the classroom) … It went well, and the participants seemed very interested in incorporating fluid power work into their classrooms. Thank you for the support in making this session a successful, enjoyable one.”

In addition to offering grants to middle school and high schools, NFPA also has several videos, curriculum pieces, and resources about fluid power careers that are available on our website for teachers to incorporate in their classrooms.

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