2020 IEOC Speaker Lineup Announced

NFPA Industry and Economic Outlook Conference

2020 Industry & Economic Outlook Conference
August 11-13, 2020
9:00 AM – 12:45 PM CT each day
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The 2020 Industry & Economic Outlook Conference will be conducted virtually this year, and attendees should expect a lineup of highly qualified and engaging presenters.

Learn about industry forecasts, geopolitical trends, the global marketplace and more from the following general session speakers:

  • Alan Beaulieu, ITR Economics will explore the future of the U.S. economy using a variety of macro- and industry-level perspectives, with an additional focus on key global economies’ effect on the U.S. marketplace.
  • Eli Lustgarten, ESL Consultants, Inc. will offer a general overview and detailed forecasts for the fluid power industry’s key end-use markets.
  • Sam Potolicchio, Director of Global and Custom Education at Georgetown University will cover key geopolitical trends likely to impact businesses with global exposure as well as rank the top five global risks to businesses.
  • Sergio Rebelo, Kellogg School of Management will share his predictions for potential short- and long-term economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the policies required to address them.
  • Michael Reid, Oxford Economics will use his experience in international business and global market research to discuss international economic trends currently affecting the global marketplace and the impact on our future economy.
  • Alex Chausovsky, ITR Economics will discuss everything that influences the fluid power industry, including key end-use markets, related leading indicators and a detailed industry outlook.

Mobile and industrial breakout session speakers will explore crucial topics related to market analysis, trends and outlooks for specific mobile- and industrial-related markets:

  • Eric Starks, FTR Associates will discuss the current and future economic and technological trends in the heavy and light truck market.
  • Chuck Yengst, Yengst & Associates will rely upon decades of experience and research in mobile machinery markets to provide an outlook for the fluid power industry’s top end-use market: construction machinery.
  • Eli Lustgarten, ESL Consultants, Inc. will take a deep dive into the drivers and outlook surrounding our industry’s second-largest end-use market: agricultural machinery.
  • Scott Hazelton, IHS Markit will use his many years of market analyst experience and IHS Markit’s data resources to examine how current and predicted economic conditions will affect the future of the fluid power industry’s many industrial end-use markets.
  • Donna Ritson, DDR Communications LLC will discuss her latest findings and insights on sustainability initiatives in packaging and processing industries. As a bonus, she will also include some perceptions into the fast-growing, but minimally automated, cannabis industry as a potential growth market.
  • Pat McGibbon, Association for Manufacturing Technology (AMT) will examine the metalworking/machine tool market’s current standing in the U.S. economy as well as discuss his outlook for this popular fluid power end-user.


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