2019 Vehicle Challenge Students Win Major College Award

After this year’s NFPA Fluid Power Vehicle Challenge, the Director of Senior Design at Cleveland State University (CSU) followed up to share that out of the 75 projects on display at Cleveland State’s 2019 Senior Design Symposium and poster competition, this year’s Cleveland State Vehicle Challenge team won!

Seven industry reps representing each of the engineering departments served as poster judges and evaluated the posters as well as the additional materials students chose to display. The winning team displayed the vehicle they used in the Fluid Power Vehicle Challenge, videos, the awards from NFPA, and more on display, and were “particularly effective in communicating their efforts and results” with the judges. They won first place, which carries a $5,000 award.

In addition to winning this major award, one of the students also received the College Valedictorian award.

The Cleveland State team was Overall Champion and won six awards in this year’s Vehicle Challenge competition. Click here for the list of award winners and to see what other university teams participated in this year’s program.

The NFPA Fluid Power Vehicle Challenge not only provides a platform for university students to succeed in our industry, it also provides access to quality candidates from universities across the country. To get involved, contact lbeyer@nfpa.com.