New NFPA Membership Committee Establishes Initial Focus

Thanks to everyone who joined us at the initial meeting of NFPA’s new Membership Committee at the Annual Conference earlier in March.

Focusing on making the association more inclusive, participants at the meeting reviewed membership trends and definitions, and established three areas for initial focus;

  1. Further review of how products are assigned among membership categories for a clearer guide for staff in discussing appropriate membership placement for prospective members;
  2. Examination of membership category definitions in light of changes taking place in the industry, such as distributors taking on more manufacturing functions; and
  3. Ideas for the additional value supplier members can bring to the association, such as insights into technology advances, as opposed to being seen as simply making a sales pitch into the industry.

The goal is that the Membership Committee will help achieve a vision in which NFPA serves as an inclusive industry-wide association with manufacturers and distributors enjoying equal status as dues-paying, voting members, supported by substantial involvement from suppliers, educators and customers.

Toward that end, in the future the Membership Committee will be expected to;
• Monitor the extent to which membership is representative of the industry, with particular emphasis on distributors and manufacturers;
• Identify areas of focus for membership recruitment efforts to help strengthen representativeness of NFPA membership, whether in terms of membership type, technology areas, geography or other company attributes;
• Review existing membership category descriptions and making recommendations for changes aimed at clarifying distinctions and ensuring the categories reflect actual relationships among industry participants;
• Offer insights into membership recruitment tactics.

Now that the dust has settled on the conference and committee meetings, we will begin scheduling follow-up conference calls around these designated focus areas. Members interested in participating are encouraged to contact Pete Alles at 414-778-3350 or

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