MAPI — Manufacturers Alliance News and Reports — The Greek Crisis, Manufacturing Activity and More

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Issues in the Brief

The Patent Box: Innovative Idea or Another Tax Complication?

With the new Congress in full swing and the Senate’s tax reform working groups getting ready to report their findings, there has been growing chatter about patent boxes, an incentive used by many of our trading partners to attract research and development, manufacturing, and high-skilled jobs.

The Internet of Things: Industrie 4.0 vs. the Industrial Internet

In this analysis, Kris delves into the differences between two approaches to enabling technological disruption — Germany’s Industrie 4.0 and the Industrial Internet (first imagined by GE). He provides a thorough comparison of their origins, participants and tactics.

The Manufacturing Impacts of Global Family Change

Family structure influences consumption behavior and manufacturers should thus take note of the significant changes in the household unit across the world. The shift away from the nuclear family and toward more one-person households and single parents has implications for entire supply chains.

Legal and Regulatory Barriers to Growth

In the legal and regulatory issue of Compoundings magazine, Rae Ann highlights six issues influencing manufacturing this year, including the Department of Justice’s rising penalties for bribery.

A Transatlantic Economic Decoupling Beckons

Regardless of how Greece resolves its payment crisis in the next few weeks, there are bound to be knock-on effects on financial markets, primarily in Europe. A last-minute infusion of cash to Athens that is coupled with at least a partial reprieve on immediate payments would lift the confidence of investors and consumers alike.


Economic Update

U.S. Industrial Outlook: Growth Decelerates in 2015

Manufacturing industrial production fell at a 1.0% annual rate in the first quarter of 2015—faster than the 0.7% pace of decline in the overall economy. Production activity fell sharply in January and February, primarily because of the severe winter weather across much of the nation.

Manufacturing Activity in June 2015

In this short video, Dan points out the discrepancy between the Purchasing Managers Index and industrial production data. Manufacturing’s production decline in May was widespread, with 14 of 25 industries experiencing decreases.

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