Fluid Power Vehicle Challenge participants


Phase 1- Kickoff : September- October


  • Review Overview, Rules and Awards
  • Register adviser and all team members.
  • Learn about fluid power technology and watch the Fluid Power Safety video.
  • Become familiar with the program contacts and industry mentors
  • Attend a Kick-Off Webinar
  • Complete the Pre-Experience Survey
  • Work with the Industry Mentors and the Technical Liaison to identify project objectives and set a plan

Phase 2- Design and Specification Midway Review: October- December


  • Review the FPVC Assessment Rubric
  • Attend Educational Webinar offered by Technical Liaison and Parts Suppliers
  • Investigate concepts from previous year
  • Create initial design to illustrate the fluid power control circuits
  • Simulate design and perform dynamic, fluid flow, expected performance, and other analyses
  • Using the Midway Review Template, present project objectives at the Design and Specification Midway Review Webinar
  • Choose and order components (Deadline December 1st)

Phase 3- Build and Test: December-March


  • Receive parts and begin to construct vehicle prototypes
  • Build, test and make adjustments to the Vehicle

Phase 4- Verification Review: December-March


  • Only operational vehicles will be able to compete
  • Send video of vehicle in operation to Program Manager and Technical Liaison
  • Register for the Final Competition
  • Receive shipping instructions from Program Manager, prepare vehicle
  • Review travel procedures and make arrangements

Phase 5- Final Competition: April


  • Using the Presentation Template prepare the final presentation, send to Program Manager- 7 days prior to departure
  • Presentations submitted to the Program Manager will be posted after the Final Competition
  • Final Competition will be hosted by a gold-level donor in the NFPA Foundation’s Pascal Society.