Final Competition

The 2018-19 NFPA Fluid Power Vehicle Challenge Final Competition Event will be hosted by Bimba Manufacturing Company, a gold-level donor in the NFPA Foundation’s Pascal Society.

The Final Competition Event includes judging criteria for a straight sprint race, an efficiency challenge, and an endurance challenge. In addition, teams will present on their design process and decisions, and demonstrate the safe function of their vehicles.

This year’s event host will be Bimba Manufacturing Company. Bimba is a part of IMI Precision Engineering and the competition will be held at the IMI Precision Engineering in Littleton, CO. Travel funds of up to $5,500 are provided by the program to offset the transportation and accommodations costs of the participants. The Final Competition will be conducted in April 2019. Teams will travel to Littleton on April 10th and the competition will take place on April 11th-12th.

Cash awards are given to the winning teams in several specified categories! All participants must register separately. To register log in to the FPVC app!


Register Here!

Thank You, Bimba!