Event Overview

Design, Simulate, Build, Test, Qualify, Compete!

September -March

Coinciding with the university’s senior capstone design course, students gain knowledge in fluid power components, circuits, and systems, and their use in controlling force and motion. Together with the Technical Liaison and Industry Mentors, teams identify project objectives and set a plan. Students create initial design and mechanical drawings to illustrate the fluid power control circuits that will be created for the vehicle and perform relevant analysis on fluid flow, expected performance, etc. Then, teams build, test and adjust their vehicles.


Students prepare for the Final Competition Event. Teams will present on their design process and decisions, and demonstrate the safe function of their vehicles. The Final Competition includes judging criteria for three races:

The Sprint Race demonstrates the ability of the vehicle to move a distance where the weight of the vehicle is proportional to the human propulsion.

The Efficiency Challenge demonstrates the ability of the vehicle to effectively store and most efficiently use the smallest amount of stored energy to propel the unassisted vehicle the greatest distance proportional to the vehicle’s weight.

The Endurance Challenge demonstrates the reliability, safety, replicability, and durability of the fluid power system design and assembly.

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