Getting Started

In the Fluid Power Action Challenge, teams are asked to design and build machine that uses fluid power to move small objects from one location to another. Over the course of several weeks, students learn about fluid power with their team and experiment with the Challenge materials before competing against other teams in a timed event. Points are awarded for various objectives –  including design, teamwork, portfolio, and of course, effectiveness of the machine built.


[The students] make amazing connections with other people. They learn how to work together and get past problems when they haven’t gotten there and that’s a skill that is very hard to teach them in a normal classroom setting – how to persevere when you hit the wall. And they come together every time no matter what. It’s amazing, so I’m really glad we discovered the program.

The goal of the Action Challenge is to not only expose students to the concepts of engineering and learning by experimentation, but also to show them the value of teamwork and project management.

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