Wojanis Action Challenge Featured in Manufacturing Video

In spring, Wojanis Supply Company sponsored a Fluid Power Action Challenge in Pennsylvania, which hosted 33 teams and 132 students. The event caught the attention of The Sprout Fund, a nonprofit organization supporting innovative ideas and grassroots community projects that are catalyzing change in Pittsburgh. The Sprout Fund featured the Fluid Power Action Challenge in their Make to Manufacturing series, a video series that covers a variety of manufacturing workforce topics. The description for the specific video that covered the Fluid Power Action Challenge reads:

“Manufacturing has changed and so have the needs of manufacturing employers. They’re looking for highly skilled professionals with capacity for learning, creative confidence, comfort with collaboration, and of course the technical and constructive skills necessary to design, build, test, and make real things that make a difference in the real world. It’s a complex situation, but it points to a bright future for makers who want to make a career in manufacturing. Throughout the Pittsburgh region, employers and workforce development agencies are helping them do it.”

The video also featured students and industry supporters sharing their experiences, the importance of this program, and the way it encourages youth in the community. Check in out here!

Many thanks to Schroeder Industries and other members of the community for their support and involvement in the Action Challenge.