FORCE America Organizes 2nd Annual Career Exploration Day for Students

FORCE A Career DayThe Career and Technical Education (CTE) Booster Club, led by John Stenz and Heather Poush from FORCE America, organized the 2nd Annual Business & Technical Trades Career Exploration Day at Northfield Middle School in Minnesota this spring. Over 500 middle and high school students got hands-on experience with large equipment, had open discussions with career role models, and learned about the education that leads to different career paths. The focus of this event is to build early awareness for careers available within business and technical trades.

FORCE America also organized a game –  Myth Busters: The Truth About Business & Technical Trade School – for students as part of this event. During the game, all student attendees listened to four career role models on the stage talk about how they started their careers through post-secondary technical education or industry training. The role models included a nurse, welder, fleet maintenance supervisor and fluid power controls specialist. Students could raise their hands or shout out answers to Myth Buster questions. It was a great way to keep students interested and involved in learning about technical and industry careers.

Career Day overviewOrganizing such an event is no small feat, but teaching students about different careers and the education they need to get into them is extremely important. NFPA’s Student Career Connections program can help make engaging students in learning about these careers easy. The program is flexible and allows you to choose from a variety of activities to interact with students, so it can fit any budget or schedule. Learn more about the program here.


Has your company hosted a career event? Let us know! To tell us about your event, or for more information about how you can organize one in your community, contact Lynn Beyer at or 414-778-3364.

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