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Upcoming NFPA/FPIC Regional Conferences Schedule

December 6, 2019 Renaissance Chicago O’Hare | IoT Integrators (Use Data, Scale Data, Analyze Data, Secure Data, Share Data)” 

The tentative program includes:

  • Connecting the Industrial World: Adam Livesay, Chief Revenue Officer Elevat IOT
  • Increasing Machine Uptime with Device Level Predictive Maintenance: Mark Densley, Director of Business Development, Emerson Automation Solutions
  • Artificial Intelligence: The Missing Link in the Industrial Internet of Things: Johannes Kunze von Bischhoffshausen, Manager Digital Transformation and Internet of Things, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions
  • Adapting Your Business to the New IoT Environment: Tom Price, President, Price Engineering

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March 5, 2020 | TBD Detroit | Advanced Sensor Technologies for Fluid Power Systems

This program will cover:

  • Better (more robust able to withstand vibration, magnetic interference and ambient temperature extremes) sensors including smart and wireless for measuring:
    • Real time fluid conditions (viscosity, aeration, bulk modulus, cleanliness)
    • Pressure, temperature, position (end actuation, pumps & valves), flow, torque, velocity (linear and angular), acceleration and vibration.
  • On board diagnostics and self-calibration functions


Minneapolis | June 4, 2020 | TBD

Milwaukee | September 3, 2020 | TBD

Chicago | December 3, 2020 | TBD


Past Presentations Available

Past presentations are available to NFPA members in the FPIC presentation archives.*

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What is an NFPA/FPIC Regional Conference? Why should I attend?

NFPA and FPIC have partnered together to offer a quarterly series of half-day regional conferences on the latest fluid power technology advances with immediate implementation. The NFPA / FPIC Regional Conferences are designed to provide a platform for fluid power OEMs, manufacturers, SMEs, and distributors to network, problem solve, and access cutting edge technology. NFPA is a supporting partner of FPIC, which means NFPA member companies are exempt from the annual FPIC membership fee and can participate freely in the quarterly seminars. NFPA members can attend the regional conferences at no charge.

Archives of previous presentations are below. For questions, please contact Eric Lanke at (414) 778-3351 or


What is FPIC? Who’s already a member? How do I become a member?

FPICEstablished in 1962, the Fluid Power Institute™ (FPI) at MSOE is a leader in fluid power education, motion control, research and evaluation, distinguishing itself as one of the nation’s foremost academic fluid power research laboratories.

To further support its industrial partners, the FPI has established the Fluid Power Industrial Consortium (FPIC) to provide quarterly half-day seminars on the latest fluid power technology advances with immediate implementation.

The annual membership fee of $2,000 enables a company to send up to four (4) of its employees to the quarterly seminars. With a combination of OEMs, manufacturers, SMEs, distributors, etc., the consortium provides a platform for networking, problem solving and access to cutting edge technology. Presenters will be leaders from their specific areas of expertise.

The National Fluid Power Association (NFPA) is a supporting partner of the FPIC. As a result, NFPA member companies are exempt from the annual FPIC membership fee and are able to participate freely in the quarterly seminars. Members of NFPA’s Roadmap Committee, who assist the association in maintaining the NFPA Technology Roadmap, are especially encouraged to participate. It is expected that FPIC seminar topics will provide Roadmap Committee members with an ideal way to stay abreast of the technological advancements that will help meet the future needs of fluid power customers, expand fluid power into new customer markets, and attract the best and brightest young engineers to fluid power.