NFPA Annual Conference: 2017 Recap

NFPA Annual Conference: 2017 Recap

Held at the beginning of February in Maui, Hawaii, the 2017 NFPA Annual Conference drew more than 200 overall attendees, with 78 member companies represented. Among the attendees were 21 who attended for the first time, and 18 from among NFPA’s Future Leaders group.

The conference schedule included multiple networking opportunities, as well as insights from speakers, such as renowned business consultant Ram Charan, Jay Rogers – CEO of Local Motors, Dan Bagley of B&B Management Labs, and Alan Beaulieu of ITR Economics.

Ram’s presentation challenged the audience to think about how to organize and compete as companies become more algorithmically driven with sensors on products communicating data across the web. Dan Bagley followed up with very practical advice on working with the challenge of turning “Big Data” into practical decision making. Jay Rogers, whose company is on the cutting edge of additive manufacturing, spoke about co-creation as a means to be more entrepreneurial and innovative. Alan Beaulieu closed with his outlook on the U.S. and world economy—the news looks good for the next couple years.

Presentations from the Conference

Alan Beaulieu – “The times are changing…or are they?”

Dan Bagley – “IoT and Data – Practical Ideas for Adopting ‘Big Data'”

NFPA Annual Meeting Presentation

NFPA Foundation Report Presentation

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