NFPA Annual Conference

2024 Annual Conference:

2023 Conference Speakers

The 2023 NFPA Annual Conference featured industry experts from a variety of areas to help attendees improve their business acumen and more. Learn more about the 2023 conference speakers by clicking on their photographs below.

“A lot of the additional value that you get at the Annual Conference is a lot of the people that they bring in, the speakers themselves. You always leave rejuvenated. They have actual items to bring back to your team and there’s so much.”

– Marisa Sundy, Director of Business Development, Steelhead Composites

Learn About Conference Speakers

robin carter cooper

Robin Carter-Cooper

DEI Strategies and Implementation

Alex C AC

Alex Chausovsky

 Rethinking How We Recruit and Retain Talent for our Companies

Annual Conference Quicklinks


Rachel DeAlto

Relationship Communication - At Work & Home


Carl Doeksen

Making Practical Sense of Future Manufacturing Advances 

Connor Headshot_300x300

Connor Lokar

The Economic Landscape Ahead

Mitchell, Seandra 2019 4x6

Seandra Mitchell

DEI Strategies and Implementation 


Aric Newhouse 

Our Changing Regulatory Environment

matt ranen

Matt Ranen

Placing Strategic Bets in the Face of Uncertainty

Erica Singleton

DEI Strategies and Implementation 


Tim Warden

Making Practical Sense of Future Manufacturing Advances 


Peter Zeihan

Global Geopolitics