Energy Efficient Hydraulic Fluids FPIC Seminar Presentations Available

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By Eric Lanke
NFPA President/CEO

The presentations from the third seminar of MSOE’s new Fluid Power Industrial Consortium (FPIC) are now available. These presentations covered market-ready hydraulic fluids and the energy saving properties that they have demonstrated in field trials.

Click the links to download copies of the presentation slides:

Hydraulic Fluid Technologies for Enhanced Efficiency, Productivity, and Fuel Economy
Paul Michael, Research Chemist, MSOE Fluid Power Institute
This presentation was a great primer on the subject of energy efficient hydraulic fluids. What are they, how do they work, what kind of enhancements can they offer, and why is it so challenging to formulate them? Paul has been working in hydraulic fluids for more than 30 years, and no one presents a more accessible introduction on the subject.

Energy Efficient Hydraulic Fluids: Case Studies in Mobile and Stationary Equipment
Sravani Gullapalli, Project Lead, Hydraulics, Shell Global Solutions
This presentation persuasively makes the case for energy efficient hydraulic fluids because they produce energy and productivity gains without changing system architectures or components. Just replace the fluid in an existing machine, and the benefits follows. Several compelling case studies are cited, showing 5-10% savings in energy consumed and similar percentage gains in machine productivity.

Polymer-Based Fluids for Enhanced Hydraulic System Efficiency
David Gray, North American OEM Manager, Evonik Oil Additives
This presentation includes more case studies, showing 5-10% savings in energy consumed and 15-20% gains in machine productivity. David made the point that a variety of different chemistries can make gains like these possible, but that they all work on the same principle – an oil that stays thin at cold temperatures and thick at hot temperatures.

Through a quarterly series of half-day seminars on the latest fluid power technology advances with immediate implementation, FPIC provides a platform for fluid power OEMs, manufacturers, SMEs, and distributors to network, problem solve, and access cutting edge technology. Dates for the next several FPIC seminars have already been announced, with the next one occurring on December 1, 2017. That one will tackle the use of composites in the construction of fluid power components and systems.

Information on past and future FPIC seminars can be found here.

FPIC is turning into a unique networking and education venue for NFPA members – and participation is included in your annual membership dues. I strongly encourage everyone to get involved.

*NFPA is a supporting partner of FPIC. As a result, NFPA member companies are exempt from the annual FPIC membership fee and are able to participate freely in the quarterly seminars. Members of NFPA’s Roadmap Committee, who assist us in maintaining the NFPA Technology Roadmap, are especially encouraged to participate. It is expected that FPIC seminar topics will provide Roadmap Committee members with an ideal way to stay abreast of the technological advancements that will influence the direction of our roadmap.

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