US Standards Experts Attend ISO Meetings in Frankfurt and Milan

Fall has been a busy time for the ISO/TC 131 – fluid power systems working groups.  Forty-seven delegates representing the U.S. and other international member bodies around the globe met in October in Frankfurt, Germany and in November in Milan, Italy (pictured above) to further the work of hydraulic and pneumatic standards development.  The discussions revealed a number of standards that will need revision over the coming months.  Contamination control and connector projects will be updated in the individual working groups.  A few of the notable revisions include:

  • ISO 17165‑1 (hydraulic hose lengths and requirements) – The working group discussed the UK experts’ matrix of hose assembly length tolerances.  German experts presented and the group discussed a proposal to unify different marking of hose assemblies.  The UK volunteered to become the project leader to revise a new draft for consideration.
  • ISO/8434‑6 (60 degree connectors)  – The UK and Germany made presentations to revise this document.  The experts determined that additional research data is needed before they can move forward with a revision. The UK will write a testing protocol in order for the USA, UK and Italy to conduct additional laboratory testing.
  • ISO 4405  (fluid contamination – determination of particulate contamination level by the gravimetric method) – The experts asked the German project leader to work with Italy and the USA to find an alternate solvent to tetrachloroethylene C2Cl4 due to environmental and safety issues in the USA.  An interlaboratory test will begin soon to look for a more environmental-friendly solvent.
  • ISO 11171 (calibration of automatic particle counters for liquids) – NIST SRM 2806 is primary reference material used to calibrate automatic particle counters (APCs) in fuel, lube and hydraulics. The original supply of SRM 2806 was exhausted during 2010 and its replacement SRM 2806b is expected to be exhausted within the next two years. Discussion has begun on the options for solutions and the revision of ISO 11171.

NFPA would like to thank the VDMA and UNI for hosting the fall meeting schedule.  The spring meeting cluster is scheduled in San Antonio, TX in May 2017.

NFPA member companies are encouraged to participate in standards development for the fluid power industry.  Click here to learn how you can get involved.

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