Teaching Fluid Power for the First Time, Educator Testimonial

In November, the Workforce Development team exhibited at the National Science Teachers Association area conference in Milwaukee to discuss NFPA’s programs with educators. As a result, a middle school teacher from AFC school district in Illinois applied for and received a $500 grant made possible through NFPA’s Education and Technology Foundation. Here are some key selections from her letter, recapping her first experience teaching fluid power.

“We were able to discuss how to determine which machine would be best for which job, and we explored design limitations by seeing how much they could hold before they failed. We came up with solutions for how we could design them to be better next time.”


“I had never worked with fluid power before in class, and it was a great experience for us all. We have passed our machines on to the high school physical science class who are going to design tests for them and then make their own fluid power machines.”


“It was a rewarding experience, and I can’t thank you enough for having the grant available to make our experience possible. We are a small, rural school with a limited budget, and your grant really helped my students experience fluid hydraulics. This also led to a lot of dinner conversations with how they use this technology on the farm.”


As an outcome of the grant award, 75 students were introduced to fluid power. For more information on the grant program or how to get connected with middle or high schools near you, contact Stephanie Scaccianoce at sscaccianoce@nfpa.com.