Take Advantage of NFPA’s Market Information Resources

New Market Information Website Launched

A key benefit of NFPA membership is free access to the association’s market information programs. Some of NFPA’s market information programs are built to analyze industry trends, determine industry size & industry segmentation, define customer markets, or develop industry outlooks, but they all are meant to help your company plan its next move.

Below are the programs available on our Market Information website. Note that the asterisk (*) indicates participation is necessary to access the program reports and data.

Confidential Shipment Statistics (CSS) Program*
 Analyze industry trends and benchmark performance.

NFPA Stats Toolkit*
Combine data sources with analytical tools to automate time-consuming calculations and analysis on a cloud-based platform.

 NFPA Forecast Report: U.S. Customer Markets
 Three-year forecast for our industry and 29 customer markets.

NFPA’s Global Market Reports & Forecasts
 Five types of reports, allowing users multiple views of global market demand.

Annual Survey of Fluid Power Manufacturers (FPASM)
 Identify industry size and industry segmentation.

Customer Market Survey (CMS)*
Properly interpret U.S. fluid power sales by customer market.

International Fluid Power Data
 Discover the impact and trends of international trade and global consumption.

 State of the Fluid Power Industry – Manufacturer (SOFP-M)* &  Distributor (SOFP-D)*
Identify distribution channel expectations based on the opinions of industry peers.

Trends in Capacity Utilization
Follow the capacity utilization for key manufacturing industries.

If you have any questions or are interested in reviewing NFPA’s market information programs via webinar, please contact Eric Armstrong at earmstrong@nfpa.com or call (414) 778-3372.

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