Price Engineering Hosts Tours for K-12 Students

Price Engineering routinely invites groups of 10-20 students to their Hartland, Wisconsin facility for interactive, real-life learning experiences. Upon arrival at the facility, students learn what fluid power is, where it’s used, and what type of careers are available. As students walk through the manufacturing area, they see a video demonstration of Price Engineering’s machines operating in a railway station and learn about vendor managed inventory, distribution, fluid conveyance and hosemaking. After that, students rotate through various aspects of the facility to see it in action. Employees talk about each station and also what type of schooling they had for their career. Other stations include:

  • Price Onsite – Demonstrates various pressure from fluid power by using a soda can – one stepped on by a 250 lb person, one with a pneumatic cylinder, and one with a hydraulic cylinder. The students can see how small these items are and how much force will flatten the can.
  • Pneumatic Station – Complete with wall targets, students can maneuver a cup with a ball in it to try to hit the targets using a ‘toy’ set up with pneumatic controls that the students can move using a joystick.
  • Rethink Robotics – Sawyer, Price Engineering’s collaborative robot, is usually the favorite. Sawyer does tasks and demonstrates to students how humans can work alongside robots, how easy it is to program, and students even get to move the arm!

Interested in bringing students to your facility? Need help connecting with schools? Contact Stephanie Scaccianoce at to get started.