NFPA Connects Robotics Challenge Winner to Local Industry for an Internship

Spencer Tiegs headshot, winner of NFPA Robotics Scholarship

Fluid Power Robotics Challenge Last fall, I contacted Spencer Tiegs, the 2017 Robotics Challenge Scholarship winner, to find out if he had secured a summer internship. When I found out that he was currently searching for internship opportunities, I emailed all of our local Milwaukee area members and let them know. HUSCO replied and set up an interview with Spencer and hired him for an internship there this summer.

When I caught up with Spencer regarding how the internship was going, here is what he had to say:

New HUSCO logo

My time at HUSCO has been amazing so far! I have joined the Automotive Advanced Engineering team, which primarily works on products that are new to HUSCO in some way. Currently I am working on two projects: a prototype valve build, and another project has potential to be a completely new product for HUSCO. Throughout the valve build, I have learned a lot about how HUSCO valves work, had the opportunity to build parts from scratch, perform the tests that nearly all our valves must go through, and finally ship them to the customer. The second project is also very exciting, as I have been doing a lot of the upfront research on existing products, which were determined to be expensive and inefficient, thus it seems that we have the potential to create an all-around better, more affordable product. We have just begun a preliminary brainstorming phase on more details of the product, and it has been a great experience working with my very knowledgeable and kind coworkers at HUSCO. Thanks again for helping me to get connected with HUSCO!

We are continually working to make connections between students at all grade levels to NFPA members. The Robotics Challenge Scholarship is one way to do this. If your company currently offers internships, please contact me at