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A round-up of the MAPI resources available to NFPA members through NFPA’s membership in MAPI. 

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Issues in the Brief

Transitioning to a Digital Supply Network
In an increasingly digital world, surrounded by connected devices, manufacturers are recognizing the necessity and benefits of moving from a linear supply chain model to a flexible, digital supply network (DSN). DSNs integrate data and information from the various sources that contribute to the production and distribution of manufactured goods. This data is available instantaneously, allowing manufacturers to make quick decisions and adapt to changing market needs. Additionally, DSNs reduce product costs, increase profitability, and improve quality. With wide-ranging benefits, one would expect that a majority of manufacturers have implemented DSNs. However, according to a survey conducted by MAPI and Deloitte, only 28% of respondents have started implementing DSN solutions.

Optimize Your Manufacturing Operations with Data Analytics
On June 14, 2018, MAPI will hold its inaugural Operations Data Analytics Forum in Rosemont, IL. Akshat Thirani, co-founder and CEO of Amper Technologies, a technology company on a mission to build modern and practical tools for manufacturers to get complete visibility and analysis on their operations, will co-present on the business outcomes of using data analytics and IoT in manufacturing operations.  Akshat took the time to answer a couple of questions to lay the foundation for his presentation and give us a little more insight into his background.

Using Digitalization to Make Manufacturing a Competitive Weapon
The digital transformation is helping companies discover and monetize new business models. That might mean delivering new value added services for the fleet of products forming your installed base. Or it might mean creating entirely new revenue streams for your company.


Economic Update

The Rise of the Internet of Goods: A New Perspective on the Digital Future for Manufacturers
Our latest report gives a new perspective on the digital future for manufacturers. A combination of innovative distribution, digitized production, and new manufacturing platforms—aka the “Internet of Goods”—will allow the creation of new business models for manufacturing.

Full Recovery in Sight: U.S. Manufacturing Predicted to Regain All Output Lost in the Great Recession by April 2019
After years of post-financial crisis struggle, the U.S. manufacturing sector finally has a range of recovery tailwinds that are catalyzing its increasingly sunny outlook. The world is now experiencing a strengthening economic rebound, with every major region enjoying stable performance.

Marked Strengthening in the U.S. Manufacturing Outlook
The global economic rebound, tax reform law, and the resumption of a dollar depreciation that began in early 2017 influences the MAPI Foundation’s outlook for the best U.S. manufacturing growth performance in more than a decade.