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A round-up of the MAPI resources available to NFPA members through NFPA’s membership in MAPI. 


Issues in the Brief

A New Normal for U.S. Manufacturing Growth?
No one should be concerned that the Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) pulled back from an unrealistic 60.8% in September to a still strong 58.7% in October. The September reading from the Institute for Supply Management (ISM) has to be treated as an outlier and interpreted against the inevitable data distortions created by two devastating hurricanes.

Let’s Talk About Data-Driven Marketing
To achieve profitability targets over the next 12 months, nearly 80% of industrial manufacturing CEOs plan to focus on organic growth rather than cost reductions or M&A. While marketing isn’t entirely responsible for delivering organic growth, it plays a critical role in key growth enablers like innovation, pricing, and customer experience.

For U.S. Manufacturers, The IIoT Future is Now: Part 3
Five things to keep in mind as you build IIoT products and services

For U.S. Manufacturers, The IIoT Future is Now: Part 2
Monetizing IIoT: Four business models for manufacturers

For U.S. Manufacturers, the IIoT Future Is Now: Part 1
The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) era has arrived. Tractors are sending data on soil and weather conditions to be analyzed and used to optimize farming. In our homes, it seems anything equipped with sensors and internet connectivity can smarten up our daily lives.


Economic Update

Hurricane-Related Volatility Masks Moderate Growth Acceleration
The world economic rebound, which began in earnest in late 2016, appears to be widespread and sustainable. Global strengthening is a significant tailwind for U.S. manufacturing whose improving fortunes have been further buttressed by a nearly year-long depreciation in the still elevated dollar.

Growing Upside Potential for U.S. Manufacturing Growth
The global economy continues its slow but persistent march to improved health.  All told, the MAPI Foundation’s forecast remains almost completely unchanged from our June or February 2017 reports. Between 2017 and 2020, we expect annual U.S. GDP growth to be an average 2.2% across the four-year period.

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