Fluid Power Lab Grants Making an Impact—A Student Testimonial

In 2015, South Central College in North Mankato, Minnesota received a $23,000 Fluid Power Lab Grant from the NFPA Education and Technology Foundation. The school used the funds to purchase two cavitation simulators with accumulator modules. The new equipment was used during the recent fall semester by 34 students in the CMAE1526 course, part of the Mechatronics Program. Here’s what one of the students, Jaron King, has to say . . .

Why did you choose to learn about fluid power?
“I choose to learn about fluid power because I knew that it would be beneficial to me. I wanted to learn more about how fluid power applies to life and how it all works.”

What did you like about working in the fluid power lab at South Central College?
“I loved many things while I was enrolled in my fluid power labs. The labs were hands on and it really gave you a real life experience. Working together as a team was another thing that stood out to me as a student. It was nice to have team members to help and learn from.”

What are your career aspirations? What type of fluid power job do you hope to get after you graduate?
“I want to be working out in industry as soon as I graduate. I plan to be working at 3M and further my career with them.”
For further information on the Fluid Power Lab Grant Program, or how to connect with a technical school in your area, contact Carrie Tatman Schwartz at ctschwartz@nfpa.com or 414-778-3347.



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