Jerling Junior High School Holds First Fluid Power Action Challenge

Fluid Power Action Challenge

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Jerling Junior High School, after being awarded with an NFPA Grant of $1,400, organized and hosted their first Fluid Power Action Challenge within their school in Orland Park, Illinois. The Workshop and Challenge Days were held at the Orland Park Civic Center with the help of Orland Park’s Mayor, Dan McLaughlin. Other support came from NFPA member companies, Deltrol, Bimba and Cassappa.

There were approximately 170 middle school kids participating from Jerling. The overall performance winning team (pictured) was an all-girls team! The school also had a T-shirt design competition for the event that the students had a lot of fun with.

In 2015, Jerling Junior High School participated in Deltrol’s Challenge, which is how they learned about our grants and made the decision to organize and run their very own challenge. Supporting grants and the cooperation of local companies make NFPA Challenges a great event where students have hands-on experience with fluid power and think about it as a potential career.

See more pictures on the National Fluid Power Challenge Facebook Page.

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