Fluid Power Industry Reaches New Heights

Stats Fact of the Week

Stats Fact of the Week: Week of September 3, 2018

With the cloud of uncertainty surrounding the fluid power industry due to tariffs and trade wars, NFPA’s Annual Report on the U.S. Fluid Power Industry allows us to see the silver lining. Shipments of U.S. produced fluid power products, including aerospace, continues to reach record-high levels. Estimates from 2017 reveal shipments of fluid power products climbing to a never-before-seen $21.7 billion, including record-breaking shipment levels in both hydraulic products at $16.3 billion and pneumatic products at $5.4 billion.

New record highs are expected to be reached in 2018 as well, as shipment growth rates for both U.S. produced hydraulic and pneumatic products are expected to increase.

For more fluid power industry highlights, download NFPA’s Annual Report on the US Fluid Power Industry.