Fluid Power Action Challenge Creates an Impact- Parent Testimonial

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In March, Price Engineering and Eaton Corporation sponsored a Fluid Power Action Challenge. A parent who attended the challenge at Waukesha County Technical College wrote a gracious, detailed letter. Here are some of the many notable extracts of her experience:

“My sons were over the moon excited for today’s competition. They arranged for and scheduled their practice sessions themselves.  They shared ideas, included everyone, communicated online, and literally ‘whistled while they worked.’


My son has dyslexia. This made it very difficult to read, but it makes him an excellent 3D engineer!  He doesn’t shine as the top performer in school, but in projects like this, one can see his prowess for design and innovation.


Schools are equally challenged with students who exceed the school’s curriculum. I also had one of those children sharing in the experience today. He’s a gifted child who as a sixth grader braved walking through the high school doors to get the appropriate math curriculum he craved.


My third son took pride in the journal and his love for 3D drawing. He diligently took notes and made sure the progress was documented all of the way through. With his artistic interests, he and his brother designed the logo.


The teams operated independently, but also cooperatively sharing ideas and a practice field. I saw huge growth in the girls’ team. When they started, they had never used a miter saw and were afraid to even open the packages without direction. In the end, they were drilling, cutting and measuring with ease and authority. It was awesome!


When I saw the boys harmoniously working the hydraulic-powered machine together, I can’t express the amount of pride I took knowing that they really, really worked for this today and they were proud of their accomplishment. They gathered all left-over materials with plans to build ‘mechanical arms’ and plan to compete next year. The teachers were so impressed with the progress of the both teams that there are plans to expand the program within the school next year and also widen the net to catch more students who shine with hands-on projects.”


– Proud Parent, WI


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