5 Benefits to Using Switches in Place of Timers: Part 4

5 Benefits to Using Switches in Place of Timers

The following is the final entry (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) in a four-part blog series contributed by Bimba Manufacturing Company. The series looks to identify some of the advantages to using electrical switches in place of timers in machine controls circuits.

5. Safety

Switch output signals provide necessary inputs to safety circuits. Switch output signals can be used to provide the necessary inputs to programmable controllers to initiate safety circuits and protocol. For example, switch output signals can be programmed as logic elements to ensure that all machine elements are in proper locations for the safe shut down and startup of equipment.


In closing:

Do a Self-Audit

It is undeniable that both electronic switches and timers have an important place in machine control. The key to success is knowing how and when to deploy each. Take a look at your existing equipment and control schemes. If you are using timers in places where switches may be more beneficial, consider replacing those timers with switch signals. The benefits described above will provide an excellent return on your investment.


This blog series has been based off of a white paper contributed by Bimba Manufacturing Company.

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