5 Benefits to Using Switches in Place of Timers: Part 3

5 Benefits to Using Switches in Place of Timers

The following is the third entry (Part 1, Part 2) in a four-part blog series contributed by Bimba Manufacturing Company. The series looks to identify some of the advantages to using electrical switches in place of timers in machine controls circuits.

Bimba_EF1 4. Machine Troubleshooting

Switch output signals simplify machine troubleshooting. Switches can be used in conjunction with pre-programmed timers in machine control logic to serve as a troubleshooting tool. By programming an expected time to complete a cycle, the switch output signal can be used to confirm if the desired machine motion was completed in the allotted time. If the switch output is not received by the programmable controller in the allotted time, it is an indication that there is failure somewhere in that machine sequence. Examples could be a jam in the machine, insufficient hydraulic or pneumatic pressure (leakage), a defective valve or motor, etc. The use of the switch and timer in this case shortens the troubleshooting time to identify the cause and location of the “failure”.

The series concludes next week with the fifth and final benefit to using switches over timers.

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