5 Benefits to Using Switches in Place of Timers: Part 2

5 Benefits to Using Switches in Place of Timers

The following is the second entry (Part 1) in a four-part blog series contributed by Bimba Manufacturing Company. The series looks to identify five of the advantages to using electrical switches in place of timers in machine controls circuits.

2. Simple Setup

Switch output signals simplify machine set up. Installed switches can help determine the proper distances and relative locations for machine components in order to produce good parts. Switch positions are typically simple to adjust and can be optimized easily during machine set up while the equipment may be running in manual mode.



3. Reduced Machine Cycle Times

Using switch output signals to initiate machine sequencing can reduce machine cycle times. Switches provide a unique and very beneficial advantage in this area. Timers can only determine an approximate time or “goal” for the completion of a given machine operation. If the driven device arrives before the timing cycle is completed, the machine will wait for the timer to finish its previously inputted timing cycle to complete, losing valuable time in the sequence. Switches allow the programmer to regain this lost time by initiating the next machine movement as soon as the switch is activated, thus regaining this lost time.


The series continues next week with the fourth benefit to using switches over timers.

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