Rules and Awards

Details about the rules, requirements and procedures for prize awards should be carefully reviewed in the Overview, Rules and Awards document.


  • Zero leak tolerance. No pipe thread except for low pressure circuits.
  • All vehicles must have multiple, fully active, independent brakes that provide a failsafe braking condition. Brakes should be able to hold the vehicle at a stop under the full charge of the accumulator.
  • If shipping to the final event, vehicles are to be void of hydraulic fluid pressure and no more than 50 PSI of gas charge. Vehicles are to be shipped at least 10 days before the Event. Vehicles being shipped can weigh no more than 210 pounds. Instructions will be provided.
  • During the competition, any participant demonstrating unsportsmanlike conduct will be disqualified from the Challenge and forfeit any and all awards. Driving under the influence is automatic elimination.  Same rules apply as driving a motor vehicle on the highway.


Based on the decisions of the Judging Committee, $13,000 can be awarded in prizes to teams that place in these categories! Award funds are issued either directly to students or to the home university to support future Vehicle Challenge efforts.

Overall Champion

Best Presentations

Best Teamwork

Sprint Race

Efficiency Challenge

Endurance Challenge

Best Design

Best Workmanship

Best Reliability & Safety