How it Works

The Vehicle Challenge supports the education of next generation engineers by exposing them to the design challenges associated with a fluid powered vehicle, and teaching them the value of fluid power components, circuits, and systems. In addition, the program provides these students with first-hand experience in working as an engineering team on a timeline to design, simulate, build, test, qualify, and compete with their concepts. 

Parts Suppliers

The Official Parts Suppliers furnish a list of fluid power components that will work well with most vehicle designs and environmentally environmentally-friendly fluid

Judges and Mentors 

Industry Mentors coach teams throughout the year and Industry Judges participate in the assessment and scoring of each team and determines category winners at the Final Competition.

Stipends and Travel

One team per university will be funded through the program through stipend disbursements and reimbursement for travel to the Final Competition.

Complete details and program documents can be found in the Resource Center.

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