NFPA Student Career Connections

Partner with Local Industry to Bring Fluid Power Opportunities to your Students

NFPA’s Career Connections program brings students and teachers from local high schools in to tour NFPA member company fluid power facilities. Career Connections is FREE and very flexible, allowing for the amount of time your class has to spend on the event. For some, this means an entire afternoon that incorporates Q & A with an engineer, lunch with the students, and a work-period that allows students to build pre-made fluid power classroom kits. For others, it may simply mean a tour of their facilities.

At its core, the program is simply about joining together fluid power companies and local students. Exposing students to the industry helps create the future engineers and technicians of tomorrow!

Here are some options for this event:

  • Company Tour: Students tour a local organization’s building and experience the engineering industry
  • Employee Q&A: Engineers explaining to students what ‘a day in the life’ is like, how they got into the industry, etc.
  • Team Project: Engineers work with students to help assemble a basic, pre-made fluid power classroom kit
  • Group lunch

The Career Connections program is about bringing students and fluid power companies together in whatever way works for both groups; as long as you are willing to participate, the possibilities are truly limitless! In addition to the students getting hands-on experience with fluid power classroom kits, NFPA also provides participating teachers with fluid power curriculum used in several Project Lead The Way (PLTW) schools, allowing students to able to build on the foundation provided on their visit day.

NFPA’s goal with Career Connections is to facilitate the connection between classroom and industry thereby simplify the process for both parties involved. NFPA will work with interested teachers to tailor a Career Connections day to custom-fit their availability and unique situation.

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If you are a student interested in fluid power careers, click here.