Welcome Reception

The 2017 NFPA Welcome Reception combines the feel of a 19th hole post-golf gathering with the NFPA IEOC kick-off event.  This year’s reception will be held Monday, August 14 from 5:00pm – 7:00pm at the Chevy Chase Country Club,  just 5 minutes from IEOC headquarters hotel—the Westin Chicago North Shore.  FREE round-trip shuttle transportation from the Westin will be provided (another great sponsorship opportunity–have your company sponsor the shuttle!).

 Directions to Chevy Chase Country Club

Note: Fees related to the IEOC Welcome Reception are included in the greens fees for those IEOC attendees that are golfing at the IEOC Invitational Golf Tournament.  IEOC attendees that would like to attend the IEOC Welcome Reception, but are not golfing, may do so for a $60 fee.